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We work for a cleaner and brighter future of Cambodia
Garbage Problem

Cambodia has been in a rapid growth in recent years. However, it is not proportional to economic growth and the spread of infrastructure is delayed, so the problem of garbage disposal has become a problem in various parts of Cambodia.

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Dump Site

Siem Reap, a town where one of the world heritages, Angkor Wat is located at, has a major problem regarding to trash disposals and management. Garbage is being transported and dumped somewhere far away from the tourist spots.

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The Village

Kumae’s projects is in the village, called Onloung Pi which is about 25 kilometers far away from Siem Reap town. A village which once was full of nature, trees and rice fields has now become as famous as the name, “Garbage Mountain”.

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Our products

Flat Pouch – Coin Case


It can be used for coin or cards, matching zipper color Krama inside.

Laptop Case


Suitable for 13 inches laptops.



The set contains 5 pieces.

Name Card Case


There is Krama attached inside, the product has 3 pockets.

Tote Bag


Bowtie Ka-Lai Chan


Pen Case


Matching zipper color Krama inside.

Flat Pouch with Flower Style Fabrics


It can be used as wallet or pen case.

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