Made with love, use with love (in this materialistic world)

Get a cold drink at a vending machine after one second I feel thirsty.

Purchasing a new pair of shoes after one day my shoes get a hole.

Start thinking about changing my phone after using two years.

Or tempted to buy iPhone X even though it’s too expensive.

This is how I grew up in Japan.


When my sandal got a hole on the sole, I was to do the same thing.

Excusing myself, “well it was just one dollar,” I was to throw it into a bin.

And pay one dollar for another one, just as usual.

However, I could not do that after visiting the dumpsite in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I got scared to throw away items.

Piled up on a super large area like a huge monster, the mountain of garbage spoke to me with some kind of sadness: “why did you throw me away?” and madness: “You made me like this!”

When I imagined a scene that a pair of my sandal being a part of the dumpsite monster, I could not accept that.

But still, there is an end for every item.

My sandal would be torn after a month or so.

We cannot live without buying new items, owning any materials or throwing away anything; but the choices of purchasing is ours and using items with care is one of the solution.


Then, I thought, I would like to use items carefully with love. For the customer at Ashi shop where I work, too, I wish them to use pouches and bags with care and love.

Because it is developed with years of effort and passion of Takuya, the founder.

Because it is delicately made with the hands of staff members at the factory that they were the trash pickers at the dump site.

I want everyone to use it carefully while feeling something humane in the appearance and the texture of banana paper products.


Every time I touch and look at my Ashi pouch,

I remember what my mom told me when I was a child:

“use it carefully, gently so that you can use it for years.”

Made with love and care,

Use with love and care.

Not only the design or usefulness,

But Ashi items can be the one to remind the heart to use items with love, to spread the attitude among all of us.


Yoi Ashida (intern at Kumae)


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