Banana Paper

Banana Paper

Banana Paper are made from the banana trunk fibers with no addition of any kind of chemicals. Every process of making banana papers are done by hand which could characterized by the look, sharp and softness that cannot be done by machine. It takes us 4 to 5 days to make papers out of banana trunks.


Extract the fiber from each layer of banana trunks by particular knives.

Boil extracted banana fibers for several days.

Soften boiled banana fibers with Khmer traditional threshing machine.

Blend banana fibers with water and use frames to make papers.

Making Video

What Can You Do with Banana Papers?

[Price List] 1pack=100pcs.
-One sided printing B&W              $22
-One sided printing colorful         $24
-Double sided printing B&W         $26
-Double sided printing colorful    $28
*Minimum order: 50pcs

Personal Post Card

Have your memorable moments or unforgettable time on our beautiful green banana papers from Cambodia and send to your beloveds.
*The idea is originally from Stamp. 

Product Tag

Have your unique product tag or description card on banana papers add another additional value for you customers. 
Picture: handmade basket from Cambodia, Moily

Wrapping Papers

Banana Papers can have different size and thickness, wrapping your products with banana papers could attract your customers' attention.
Picture: Saboo Sabay

Art Works

Banana Papers' natural color and shining is just perfect for the concept of any creative art works. 

Picture: Artist Matsuo


If you have any suggestion or request related to creative ideas to make with banana papers and would like to discuss with us, we are more than happy to talk with you.

*Postcard printing, product tag, soap wrapping paper artwork, others from the order button! thank you!