Improving the Education

The Japanese language school started in August 2013.

At the beginning, more than 90 students gathered and studied, but with serious and strict teaching styles for the purpose of sharping for children’s bright future. As a result, only 14 serious students are currently studying.
We have accumulated experience and results such as passing a social visit to Japan for 10 days, passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Grade 4, and we are continually pursuing ourselves every day.

Our activities

July 2013 Questionnaire about “What is your future dream?” was carried out at the garbage mountain. There were only four imaginable choices of carer for the children, doctor, teacher, agriculture and garbage picking.


In August, 2013 I started a Japanese school because I thought that it would be an opportunity to broaden the range of choices. Initially, more than 90 students gathered, but the class was strict in order sharpen the children for quality and be able to use Japanese and seek for jobs in their future.

To Japan

In July 2014, a teacher and two students of Japanese school were invited to Japan for the purpose of education, experience and inspire other children to do their very best. They visited four prefectures in Japan, mainly to schools, and conducted a social tour.


In 2015, the Khmer teacher got a Japanese guide license after had been teaching Japanese instead of me for 2 years. Some students have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4 and have accumulated results.

Our students
Shared House

Provide a Place to Live in Kumae’s Shared House

We constructed a shared house in 2017 so that students can live in town safely, and parents have their mind in peace. In addition, students will live together with Japanese interns, staffs and guests in order to use and practice Japanese daily and more importantly learning about Japanese culture both work and life.